CVS Customer Call Experience

This past summer I was going to NY and could not find my CVS card to save my life. I did not have a phone number registered with the card, so I couldn’t shop with just my phone number. I went online and registered a number and then found out it takes awhile for the change to take place. My solution at the time was to get another CVS card. Now I am not for using 2 cards (it is against CVS rules) so I only use one. OK-Flash forward to now. Somehow when I went to CVS yesterday I had the wrong card. I had $11 ECB’s on the “lost” card. I was devastated but began my transactions without starting with ECB’s. Since I was so flustered I probably spent more cash than needed but hey, mistakes are allowed.

Today I called the number on the back of the CVS ExtraCare Card and the helpful representative was extremely nice. He transferred everything to the card I have in my hand. He even granted me a courtesy $11 ECB’s to redeem the lost ECB’s on the other card. I was doing the coupon happy dance. $11 is a lot of money to someone who lives so frugally!

Have you ever had to call the CVS 800 number? What was your experience?


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