Disney Thrift Store Finds

Disney Thrift Store Finds

I am a little Disney obsessed (well ok, a lot Disney obsessed). My husband wanted to go thrifting yesterday and I ended up finding some great Disney deals. We had so much fun on our little outing. It wasn’t Disney but it was just as fun in a lot of ways.

The first thrift shop we went to was Main Street Thrift Shop in Dunedin, Florida. This place is nice sized. The items are clean and they have a nice selection of items. Sadly, though they didn’t have anything that caught my eye. I did see a really cute Disney top that wasn’t my size. In the past we have had lots of luck with this thrift store so even though I didn’t see anything yesterday I wanted to recommend this shop to anyone in the area.

The second thrift shop a couple blocks down the road was the Kimberly Home Thrift Shop. This thrift shop was a bit smaller, but nice. What I like most about this thrift shop is that it is run by a nonprofit. The Kimberly Home is a crisis pregnancy center. I found the Snow White McDonald’s toys, the Animal Kingdom Souvenir book, and the 3 Disney glasses at this thrift shop. The McDonald’s toys were 40¢ each, the book was 79¢, and the glasses were $1.99 each. I already own a few of the glasses, but 2 of the ones we got I don’t already have.  We don’t actually own a whole lot of glass ware that isn’t those glasses. We picked up the book because since it is a few years old still has the information about Camp Mickey-Minnie which won’t be in future books. I am now going to be on the search for the other 5 toys in the Snow White Collection. Total= $7.96

The third thrift shop we went to was Super Thrift City. The address is 13000 66th Street North, Largo, Florida 33773. This place is HUGE!! It is like a treasure hunt. At this store we found the 3 movies, the Mickey Mouse candle holders, and the Hollywood Studios Mickey Mouse Cup. Bambi still had both discs and is in excellent condition, Pete’s Dragon is in excellent condition and The Walt Disney World DVD is in good condition. Each movie was $2.92. They have a set price on movies no matter what it is. Each candle holder was 99¢ and the cup was 99¢. I usually don’t buy plastic cups, but this one looked brand new. No wear or fading. We also saw a cute set of Tigger Christmas plates. We saw a game we would of picked up. I can’t remember that game but we thoroughly check items we want to buy and when my husband opened up the battery compartment one the batteries had exploded and actually got on my husband’s hand. I saw a couple Winnie the Pooh beanies from the Disney store  (still had tags) but this thrift stores does the most annoying thing in my opinion. It takes several kid’s toys (smaller ones) and bags them up. Well, the Pooh was in one bag and the Tigger was in another. They won’t break up the bags either. I mean I guess I understand why they do it- they get massive amounts of donations and it would be more of a mess than it already is in the toy area.  Total= $11.73

We also went to Thrift City USA in Pinellas Park. I was rather disappointed with this stores cleanliness this time. The place is rather big though and they have a big selection. I went over the magazine/book area and it seemed like they put out mildewed books and magazines so I had to quickly leave that area. Most of the stuffies seemed dingy. The clothes selection is nice- especially for pooh-sized girls like me. I found a cute pair of shorts for $3. Sadly, I didn’t find any Disney treasures 🙁

Total value of items in the picture: $19.69

So, what is the best Disney thrift store/yard sale find  you have ever found?

  • Love the glasses. My husband has been known to bring those kind of finds home before.

  • Michelle F.

    So many cute items. I love those glass cups.

    • Thank you! My husband looked up the McDonald’s toys and now we are on a mission to find the other 5 in the set. Might take us a lifetime since we aren’t going to Ebay but that is part of the fun!

  • mail4rosey

    We have a couple of those glasses too. I like them. 🙂

  • Megan

    Great Blog post!
    I too have a blog, though it’s entirely dedicated to Disney. I would think you guys would find more Disney items at thrift stores in Florida…

    Check out my blog

    • Thanks for visiting my corner of the web! I have recently changed the focus of this site to be completely Disney and started a new blog that is all about couponing and frugal living on its’ own. I will check out your blog too! I invite you to take part of Focused on the Magic Wordless Wednesday’s Blog hop. It is a great way to get to know other Disney bloggers. 🙂