Earn Gift Cards with Point Club

I am a huge fan of Swagbucks! I like earning their points to earn Amazon Gift cards. Today I discovered a whole new rewards program that lets you earn Disney gift cards (and others). It is pretty much like Swagbucks, here are a few things I like/ dislike about Point Club and why I am excited to stay with it.

  • Registration is pretty easy. Be sure to use your “junk” email account when you sign up. There are about 3-4 sections of “spam” type offers, but they are pretty easy to say no to.
  • You get 30 points just for signing up!!
  • You earn points by answering daily polls, completing offers (some free, some paid), watching videos, and even listening to music.
  • The interface is really easy to use. It is nice and big and not overly complicated.
  • The best thing about Point Club is the rewards: Disney Gift Cards, Disney tickets, and a lot of other Gift cards if you are not a huge Disney fan like me.
  • It looks like it might take awhile to get rewarded, that usually depends on how much time you put into it. I used to make $20 a month on Swagbucks, but since I only use it every once in awhile I make less now. I believe Point Club is going to replace Sawgbucks for me!!

Point Club

  • ST

    I finally received 1 of the 3 items I requested through email as an e-gift card. I used it in store and it worked fine. So the site is legit – it just might take a couple of months to receive your item. I will be using this site a lot more often because points rack up quickly. I’ll just have to be patient on receiving everything.