Free Earth’s Birthday Project Kit For Educators & Homeschoolers

Are you an educator or homeschooler? Head over and get your FREE Earth’s Birthday Project Big Gift Kit 2014!

◾Acts of Care for the Earth 2013-2014 Calender Each month introduces a conservation theme, acts of care for students to perform and ideas for activities and discussion. Help protect our planet in a different way every month!
◾The Happy Sock Coin Collecting Guide A tiny book for kids explaining how each of them can make their own coin bank out of a single sock. (Hey, that’s recycling!)
◾Full instructions for submitting donations, qualifying for educational rewards and signing up for our Big Gift email newsletters.

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PLEASE NOTE: The Big Gift Kit is for use by schools, preschools, clubs and organizations working with young people in grades PreK to 6. Please only request the kit if you qualify as such. We cannot send out free materials to the general public.