January 2014 Devotional Challenge



I can’t believe it is 2014 already.  A new year is a time to reflect on things that have happened in the past and also to look to the future.  The last several weeks I have thought about what I want for the new year.  I really don’t like New Years resolutions, because the are usually things you do not keep.  Instead I like to find ways that I will be better in the year to come.  I would rather have a theme for the year and not something I will not achieve.  This next year I want to make me theme “Mind, Body and Soul”.  For my written on the blog I want this to be the them that runs thought my posts.  This is my first post of the year and it is for the Soul.  The Bible is God’s word!  Man wrote the Bible but God guided their minds and hands.  The more you read the Bible the more you learn about God.  The more you learn the more you want to be like him.

Here is a link tot he .pdf copy to print out.   DevoChallengeJan2014

Date Passage
1/1/2014 Luke 5:1-20
1/2/2014 Luke 5:21-39
1/3/2014 Luke 6:1-18
1/4/2014 Luke 6:19-34
1/5/2014 Luke 6:35-49
1/6/2014 Luke 7:1-20
1/7/2014 Luke 7:21-40
1/8/2014 Luke 7:41-50
1/9/2014 Luke 8:1-20
1/10/2014 Luke 8:21-40
1/11/2014 Luke 8:41-56
1/12/2014 Luke 9:1-15
1/13/2014 Luke 9:16-30
1/14/2014 Luke 9:31-45
1/15/2014 Luke 9:45-62
1/16/2014 Luke 10:1-15
1/17/2014 Luke 10:16-30
1/18/2014 Luke 10:31-42
1/19/2014 Luke 11:1-15
1/20/2014 Luke 11:16-30
1/21/2014 Luke 11:31-45
1/22/2014 Luke 11:45-54
1/23/2014 Luke 12:1-10
1/24/2014 Luke 12:11-20
1/25/2014 Luke 12:21-30
1/26/2014 Luke 12:31-40
1/27/2014 Luke 12:41-50
1/28/2014 Luke 12:51-59
1/29/2014 Luke 13:1-14
1/30/2014 Luke 13:15-29
1/31/2014 Luke 13:30-35
  • Great devotional challenge for 2014! It’s true, reading the Bible is the ultimate way to know God. It’s amazing how much spending time in God’s Word has changed my life and affects the lives of so many others, too.

    My challenge for this year is to be a “prayer warrior” and, though prayer is something I feel I’m “not good at”, the Holy Spirit is helping me every day to know that God hears me and also to listen for His voice through the day.

    • Joanna Maniscalco

      God is good……all the time. I am glad you enjoyed the challenge and hope you join Feb also. Always take time to be still and hear God.

      Remember prayer is just talking to God. He is our Father who loves to spend time with us. We can pray anywhere and at anytime.

      It was great hearing from you!