Mother Gothal- Disney’s Most Evil Villain

disney most evil villain

My husband and I love to talk Disney. One day we were discussing which villain we thought was the most evil. He thinks Malicifent is the most evil.  I kind of had a hard time figuring out who I though was most evil.  After much consideration, I would say it  is Mother Gothel.  For those of you who don’t know, she was the woman who took Rapunzel and locked her away in the tower. She made Rapunzel believe she was her mother, since she kidnapped her at such a young age, and used her for her own sinister purposes.

The first reason I think she is the most evil is because she played with the security of a child. A mother is the person we trust the most to look out for our best interests. Every mother tries to do her best to take care of their children and protect them. Though not every mother is perfect or even great, their end motive to is love their child. Rapunzel lived in a lie her whole childhood, she thought she was in the protective care of a mother when in fact she was in the care of a self-serving kidnapper.  Mother Gothel also kept the evil charade going on for Rapunzel’s whole childhood.  Malificent, though evil, only disrupted a couple days of Aurora’s life. Even though Aurora was away from her parents, her parents knew and she was in the loving care of the fairies. The same is true of Gaston, the Evil Sea Witch, and Snow White’s witch- they were all just temporary trials. Rapunzel has to deal with a lost childhood, lost self-confidence, and let’s not forget the trust issue.

The second reason I think Mother Gothal is the most evil Disney villain is because her abuse was mental. Even though the abuse is more “mental” than other villains, I think the abuse resonates more especially with me.  In the beginning of the movie Mother Gothal was putting Rapuzel down calling her chubby, clumsy, and ditzy. She also told Rapunzel that no man could love her and the only reason Flynn Rider was sticking around was because he wanted the crown. It must have hurt Rapunzel to the core to think that she was unlovable.

The last reason I think Mother Gothel is the most evil Disney villain is because she has the perfect evil persona. Her appearance is that of a witch in disguise. You see glimpses before Rapunzel sings to her and more throughout the movie when she is without Rapunzel and her magic hair. Her beady little eyes, evil grin, and inner ugliness come out in her appearance. Her laugh is quite evil sounding and her voice has that sultry evil sound to it.

evil mother gothel

So, do you agree with me that Mother Gothel is Disney’s mot evil villain? If not, who do you think is and why? I would love to hear what you think!


  • Becca

    What a great post! I love how you were able to take something so simple that we all talk about and cover such important issues!

    I would probably agree with you on her being pretty dang evil! I’m not sure who I think is the MOST evil though 🙂

  • I would never have thought of her at all. When watching these movies (especially Disney movies) I never really pay attention to the underlying issues. I would have though Cruella since she wanted to skin puppies to make a coat. Talk about animal cruelty to the extreme. 🙂

  • GrandmaBonnie A

    I do agree she tops the evil scale. I should pay more attention to the movies my grandchildren watch. I always thought you can’t go wrong with a Disney movie. Thanks for sharing.

    • Pixie Dust Savings

      I love all the Disney movies. Every movie has their evil villain or antagonist. In the end the good beats the evil and that teaches children to be the good that they see.

  • ashleybliss

    I loved that movie. She is pretty evil lol

  • Angela Addington

    I am in total support of Mother Gothal as the most evil villain. Wouldn’t that make a fun Facebook poll?

  • Michele

    After reading your post I have to agree-Mother Gothal is the most evil villain of them all!!

  • Fina Jenny

    reading your post I would have to agree with you, breaking the bond of a mother and a child by force is something that is unforgivable.

  • Amandajean

    Totally Agree!! I am such a sucker for Disney Movies!!!!

  • Akhil Sharma

    I just know least characters of Disney…ya i know this is a shocking statement but that’s true 😀