New Office Area/ Craft Desk Update!

A lot of progress has been made on my craft desk. I am so excited with each piece of the process. I love how my husband can take bunch of stuff and make something beautiful. That is what art is to me as well. I am able to take everyday materials and make something beautiful to me.

First, my husband did a bunch of math, measured, and cut.  We borrowed a saw from a friend that made the cutting cut quick and painfree! Though my husband did play a joke on me,I was inside doing something else and he started screaming like he had been cut. I ran out there and he was laughing. My husband would be one to get cut though, he is rather accident prone. He also doesn’t wear the recommended safety equipment.

Desk 5

Next he put together the frame that the tabletop will set on. He constructed a box with 2 middle supports.

Desk framr

The legs were attached next. There 2 legs in the front and 3 in the back. My husband put a support brace across the back 3 legs and also on the sides.

Desk legs

Yea! It is beginning to look like a table! My loving husband attaches the tabletop on next.


Next, he measures, cuts, and applies the trim pieces.

Desk trim

The pegboard frame support is built and attached next.

pegboard frame

We still have so much more to do! I am going to have the most amazing craft/work space ever all thanks to my amazing husband!

Some of the major things still left to do with the craft table:

  • install pegboard
  • apply wood putty to screw hole areas
  • sand
  • paint table black
  • paint pegboard red
  • attach pegboard border and paint black

We hope to have the table done by Friday! USA, LLC

  • Its looking good! I dream of having a great crafting desk…

    • April

      Thanks, my husband is working extra hard to build me my dream. he is a pretty amazing man!

  • Katie

    Very cool! I can’t wait to see it all finished.

  • Ashley @ Dr. Pepper Diva

    Looking good! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  • Shauna

    wow, that looks awesome… thanks for sharing

  • Wow – lucky you for having a hubby that is so handy!

  • It’s looking good. I would love to be able to build things like that but I get impatient and start cutting boards incorrectly.

    • April

      Yes, he cut some boards wrong and had to start over. However since he is resourceful the materiel loss was minimal.

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