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Paint Brush Can- DIY Upcycle

Part of finishing my office/craft space redo is finding homes for all my random craft supplies. Having the pegboard helps but they are so many options for storing things on the pegboard, I got kind of overwhelmed. I wanted a space for my paint brushes and thought a tin can would do the trick. Here is what I did.

  1. I got my husband to drill a hole into the can so it would fit into the pegboard hook.
  2. I glued a piece of scrapbook cardstock around the can. Then I used modpodge to seal the edges. step1 paint brush can
  3. I then cut out a red Mickey Mouse Head and modpodged that on the front of the can. apply mickey head
  4. I wanted a little more bling, so I added some black glitter to the edges of the Mickey head. glitter mickey head
  5. My last step was to spray paint a clear coat of arcylic paint to set it all. Mickey Paintbrush Can DIY

I ended up not liking the glitter as much as I thought, but I still think it turned out pretty good and look great on my craft pegboard!


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