The Blog It Forward Challenge

Photo Credit: Flickr AngryJulieMonday

Pay it forward in the blogging world. Photo Credit: Flickr AngryJulieMonday

Last week or so I was visiting a giveaway linky blog post and noticed someone giving away a Disney Pin. On my last trip to Disney to celebrate my birthday, my vehicle was broken into. Someone stole my laptop and my FULL Disney Pin Book. I probably had over 350 pins in it that my husband and I have collected. That giveaway was one I wanted to win so I could start rebuilding my collection again. I did all of the entry options and then bookmarked Making of a Mom, so I could retweet everyday for even more entries. I mentioned in the comments about what happened to my pin collection and why I wanted to win.

Monday was the end of the contest, so I went back to the page hoping my name would be displayed on the rafflecopter. The name of the winner was not displayed so I asked on the Making of Mom’s Facebook Page, who the winner was. She asked me to email her and I did. She informed me that I didn’t win but her sister’s site, Ready for Adventures, who sponsored the giveaway would like to do something for me because of what happened to me. Her sister would like to give me a special pin to help rebuild my collection. She was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and they gave her a pin and she wants to give that pin to me. It is not a pin you could have bought, so that means it is VERY collectible. I was completely floored. What a kind, loving gesture!!!

One thing I have noticed about the blogging community is the outpouring of support and love most bloggers have toward each other. Bloggers give even if it does not benefit them. I can think of many bloggers who have helped me out in this first year of blogging. Here are just a few:

  • Coupon Friendly gave me a shoutout on their Facebook Page when I first started my page and has offered me so much advice and support. Thank you so much Kristin and Bonny! 
  • Kim from Everyday Coupon Queen has let me use her Winn-Dixie matchups lists. She has also patiently answered a lot of blogging questions I have asked. She is wonderful!! Andrea from Q-Tipping Mom also shares her lists, which is so nice and she is willing to share so much.
  • Brittanie from Bargains with Brittanie has given me some free advertising on her page and I have returned the favor.
  • Jodi with Magical Mouse Schoolhouse and Deb from Focused on the Magic has helped me out so much with the blog hops they host, getting my name out to the Disney fan world.
  • I have also gotten so much support from various Facebook Blogging groups.
  • I am sure there are more people and blogs I have not mentioned and I am sorry. To every person that has helped me and there have been so many, I just want to say thank you!!

I am so glad to be part of this great blogging community!!

My challenge to you, bloggers, is to take some of your time, treasure, or talent and help another blogger to succeed and feel loved.

How can YOU help another blogger? Let me know in the comments.


  • Becca

    I’m not sure if I have really “helped” anyone or not. However, I offer help as often as I can…and have even made my husband help when someones code got all wonky (I so couldn’t figure it out!)

    I love to help people when it comes to designing their site for free. I don’t make money off of my blog right now and I can’t afford to pay someone to design it or even purchase a premade one. However, it was difficult to find the information I needed for Blogger. (I still haven’t gotten my dang drop downs to work…BUT I WILL!) and when I do I will share it with anyone that wants to know.

    I link to other blogs as often as I can fit it into mine. In my opinion we aren’t competing. It’s not like our readers only read one blog (well most of them) so why not share the love?

    Speaking of sharing the love…how did you do your floating social menu?!? I love it! i have been wanting one for a while now. Three things I need some love shared for:

    1. Drop down menus on blogger
    2. How to do a good newsletter and get people to sign up for it
    3. Social menu like yours.

    🙂 If I can help anyone in any way please feel free to let me know!

    • Pixie Dust Savings

      the floating menu is a wordpress plugin called floating social media links, we decided to use that for now. We have the thesis theme and would rather put it in the html & css using (got the image all done) but my husband has to learn more css so he can do it that way.

      I would also love to know how to make a good newsletter and get people to sign up for it. I have about 20 subscribers- most gained through the one coupon class I taught or through making it an option during a giveaway.

      • Becca

        I don’t even have a newsletter so you are doing better than me 🙂 I’m using blogger so and as far as I know there isn’t a plugin for the floating menu…but I can always bug my hubby to look into it! hehe the joys of having a computer guru for a husband!

        Thank you for responding…and again..sorry for the long ramble lol Totally didn’t meant to write that much! Your post was just so great it kind of led me on a bit of one 🙂

  • What a cool story! I don’t know what I could possibly offer anyone at this point, but want to keep thinking on that..

  • Fina Jenny

    what a really nice story.. I am a baby in the blogging world and there are a lot of people who helped me in my two months of blogging so far. I guess I would like to borrow the idea of your post so I could also thank those who helped me so far…

    • Becca

      I agree! I have a ton of people that have helped me in so many little ways even in just the month that I have been blogging 🙂

  • What an amazing story 🙂 best of luck in building up your collection again.

    I have been helped by so many bloggers over the years, it really is an amazing community to be part of 🙂 x

  • Michele

    How lovely!! Yes, I have been helped by many bloggers over the years and I hope in my small way I helped others as well!!

  • Suzanne Rudge (MapleMouseMama)

    Lovely post April, but I am so sorry about your collection! That must have been heartbreaking 🙁 You certainly have the right attitude though and with help from some amazing people you are on your way! I found one way to give back to the blogging community and to do that I created a page on my site called Bloggin’ Peeps♥. I use that page to add the buttons I come across from every blog, so that if anyone is peeking thru my site they are treated to the links for some other wonderful blogs as well! And now yours is there to!


  • Terry My Journey With Candida

    I always try to help other bloggers… You know, I have seen Disney pins before at yard sales…. need to keep my eye out for them

  • Victoria H

    I am always trying to help other bloggers by stopping by their bloggers and sharing posts that I find informative or useful.

  • I’m not sure how I’ve helped but I do love visiting other blogs and I’m all for supporting my fellow bloggers in our blogging groups by visiting their pages and leaving my little comments. I’m sure that helps some. 🙂 As for your story, that was rather nice of them to do. I love it when people are that kind.

  • I think the most important thing in the bloggy world is supporting each other. Sure I can’t promote others all day, but I feel like sharing 3-4 things a day from others and giving regular shout outs are something everyone should do. We can only grow together!

  • PamIW

    It is so important that we help each other along our way. Plenty of room out there for all of us!

  • Angela Addington

    First off, we are avid pin collectors and my daughter would be devastated to have her collection stolen. We’d like to send you a pin to help rebuild your collection. Please email me your address.

    One thing we like to do on is to highlight other bloggers, in particular moms. We also do a blog roll and try to share other bloggers great posts with our readers.

    • Pixie Dust Savings

      That would be so sweet of you! 🙂

  • Melinda Kuffler Dunne

    Oh that is terrible that your collection was stolen. I have gotten a lot of help from other bloggers and I certainly help others when I can. I am still learning so I don’t have a lot of answers but if I can do something for someone I do it.

  • ashleybliss

    It sucks what happened to your pin collection, but what a great story to share. I have joined some blogging communities recently & without them, I wouldn’t get a lot of the support and fans I have!

  • Lexie Lane

    Oh! That makes my stomach turn. When you work so hard at something just to have it stolen is so horrible.

  • Yvonne Heimann

    I am always so humble when I see people “just” helping…and it’s a great feeling when I can do the same 😉

  • Juliana Crawley

    I also have found the blogging community to be fantastic! I am definitely open to helping another blogger.

  • Jennifer Van Huss

    I think the reason I got into blogging is because of the love that there! The blogging community is AWESOME!

  • Katherine Sullivan

    I am always giving people tips on how to use social media more effectively (I’m a social media manager) so I have a few great hints that I share with bloggers almost every day 🙂