Wreck it Ralph Available for Preorder

Wreck it Ralph

  • Director- Rich Moore
  • Lead actors-John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch
  • Rating:PG
  • Pixie’s Star Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Wreck It Ralph is a great movie!

Wreck It Ralph is about a “bad guy” in a video game that feels bad about himself. He goes on a journey to get a medal so he can be liked by others. In the end he gains so much more than a medal.


Here are 4 things I loved about Wreck it Ralph!

1. I loved that the movie is great for teaching the effects of bullying. Bullying is a huge problem in schools and neighborhoods today. I think sometimes, kids don’t even know they are being a bully. In the movie people were just following a crowd and never tried to get to know the characters getting bullied.

2. I loved the animation. The Old School games were pixelated while the newer games were 3D. I loved how the animators blended those 2 to make a very unique animated film. Several times I felt I was in the old school games.

3. I loved that movie could be both for adults and kids. Adults can remember the old games and kids will like the newer games and animation. This movie is kind of a history lesson for kids. I loved playing Q-Bert & Pac-Man as a kid and now the younger generation can be introduced to those characters. I was kind of disappointed to not see Mario.

4. I think the movie does a great job building self esteem in children. People don’t always excel in everything they do. Self esteem shouldn’t be based on our accomplishments. Self esteem is something that comes from God. God loves us, so we are special. I know the movie doesn’t mention God but I believe self esteem comes from God.

What did you like best about the movie if you have seen it?

Wreck It Ralph is now Available for preorder and is scheduled for release March 31st!